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Tuesday 20 July 2021 Blog

The Port Facility Security Instructions issued April 2021 advises that all DPFSOs must now undertake a Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) course.


PFSI April 2021

Additionally, Port facility personnel with specific security duties should conduct ISPS security training covering:

  • Knowledge of current security threats and patterns;
  • Recognition and detection of weapons, dangerous substances and devices;
  • Techniques used to circumvent security measures;
  • Security-related communications;
  • Operation of security equipment and systems;
  • Testing, calibration and maintenance of security equipment and systems as appropriate;
  • Methods of physical searches of persons, personal effects, baggage, vehicles, cargo and ships’ stores; and
  • Bomb threat assessment procedures.

with refresher training being undertaken after no longer than 18 months. 

Covid-19 and Port Security

Monday 20 July 2020 Press Release

The PSA is operating fully and here to assist you with any queries or problems that may arise in these uncertain times


The PSA is operating fully and here to assist you with any queries or problems that may arise in these uncertain times. We remain in regular contact with the DfT Maritime Security & Resilience Division and will continue to advise all members on the latest updates from the government.

We recognise the uncertainty this global health issue is creating and wanted to make you fully aware that we are available should you need any advice or assistance during these unprecedented times.

If you have any questions/queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on


Port Facility Security Officer Training

Thursday 18 July 2019 Blog

Department for Transport accredited training.

Recently accredited as a DfT training provider, the PSA delivered its first PFSO course on 29-31st May 2019. Whilst there is a requirement to have a PFSO and DPFSO at each facility, this course gives facilities the opportunity to future proof their PFSO requirements and have enough suitably trained personnel to assist in all ISPS roles, with some authority and understanding. The course itself proved a success with all six delegates from various PSA facilities achieving the PFSO qualification.


PSA Members will receive this course free of charge. Delegates who may take up the PFSO role at some stage must be nominated by a PSA facility.

For further information or to book a delegate onto the next PFSO course 11th-13th November please contact any member of the PSA Team.

Counter Terrorism Training

Friday 18 January 2019 Blog

Free Counter Terrorism Training.

Liverpool and Manchester Port Security Authority is authorised to present NACTSO Counter Terrorism Training.

We welcome the opportunity to present basic Counter Terrorism Training to any of our facilities.

Please get in touch

Find out more information HERE

Advice for teaching the basics to 11-16 year olds HERE

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