About the Port Security Authority

The Ports of Liverpool and the Manchester Ship Canal have been built on innovation and a dynamic approach to business.  Current planned development across the region continues to build on those unique principles for the area.

In direct response to changes in legislation (Port Security Regulations 2009) the Port Authority set about forming the Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal Port Security Authority Limited in 2014. 

For the first time legislation required an holistic approach to port security acknowledging that a security breach at one facility can impact on others and on overall security across the port.  Furthermore the requirements of the International Ship & Port Facility Security Codes (ISPS Codes) provided only limited support to Port Facility Security Officers (PFSOs) and Security Managers, who were charged with delivering specific security requirements within their facilities.

We are proud to have created the largest Port Security Authority in the UK with the unique ability to be able to enhance and support security standards across the ports of Liverpool, Birkenhead and the Manchester Ship Canal, whilst supporting PFSOs and Security Managers within their existing security roles. 

Within the Authority's designated area the entire range of ISPS businesses operate; from thriving Chemical, Oil and Gas (COG) facilities along the Manchester Ship Canal to a vibrant Passenger Cruise Terminal (PAX) operation within the heart of Liverpool city centre.  From the ground-breaking Royal Seaforth Container Terminals (CRR) at the Port of Liverpool to other bulk cargo (OBC) operations at Birkenhead, we have a diverse and unique range of maritime operations.

This Port Security Authority offers a distinct blend of audit, inspection, continuous improvement, bespoke training and most importantly ‘support’ to the PFSOs and Security Managers tasked with delivering ISPS security standards across our entire area.  This blend provides an opportunity to innovate and enhance security whilst supporting business with the flexibility to react and respond to change  

With an area stretching between Liverpool and along the entire 35 miles of the Manchester Ship Canal to Salford, communication is key to the success of the PSA.  We aim to innovate providing a range of security information to support all of our facilities.

Welcome to the Liverpool and Manchester Ship Canal Port Security Authority.

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